• Devil's Lake State Park - One of the top rock climbing destinations in the state, Devil's Lake State Park is a state park located in the Baraboo Range in eastern Sauk County, just south of Baraboo, Wisconsin. It is around thirty-five miles northwest of Madison, and is on the western edge of the last ice-sheet deposited during the Wisconsin glaciation
  • Rocky Arbor State Park - Rocky Arbor State Park is a 244-acre Wisconsin state park in the Wisconsin Dells region. The park was established in 1932 to protect sandstone outcrops eroded into picturesque walls and ledges
  • Mirror Lake State Park - Mirror Lake State Park is a 2,179-acre Wisconsin state park in the Wisconsin Dells region. The process of establishing the park began in 1962 and the park officially opened on August 19, 1966. It contains Mirror Lake, a narrow reservoir with steep sandstone sides up to 50 feet tall.
  • Muir Park State Natural Area - Muir Park is a great place to kayak! Muir Park contains a variety of upland and wetland communities surrounding 30-acre Ennis Lake, a spring-fed kettle lake occupying a marshy pocket in ground moraine.
  • Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area - The Dells of the Wisconsin River, also called the Wisconsin Dells, is a 5-mile gorge on the Wisconsin River in south-central Wisconsin, USA. It is noted for its scenic beauty, in particular for its unique Cambrian sandstone rock formations and tributary canyons
  • Observatory Hill - The highest point in Marquette County is Observatory Hill, an isolated outcropping of porphyritic rhyolite rising 300 feet above the surrounding landscape.